Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I get the discount of more than 50% off for future generations?
  We can do better than that…We are actually going to have the most updated versions of Easy Webinar Plug-in available for you in the members area. You can upgrade your version at any time for free. The only thing you are going to be limited to is the number of sites you can have Easy Webinar Plug-in on depending on the license package you purchased.
Q: Will we be able to get access to the training videos that will show us how to make/optimize a Sales Webinar Video? Use Powerpoint ? Use Keynote? Use Screen Capture Software? Make our videos convert? and More?
  Yes!…We will give you a monthly access to the premium members area that will have all of those tutorials as well as "How to Set Up a Wordpress Site", "How to Use Video Marketing" , "How to Make Money as A Web Consultant" and More! (Please note , that the premium membership site is not the same as the resource members site that you already get complete access to.)
Q: How often is there support on staff?
  We have support on staff 24 hours a day. Once you submit a ticket. We can generally get to it right away. However just to be on the safe side, we like to say give us UP TO 24-48 hours to get back with you.